Creative Dance – 3-6 jr

These dance classes are about having fun, finding pleasure in movement, developing creativity and self-expression. We use images and simple stories to come into movement. Children are taught to recognise emotions in the body and how to express them. They also develop self-confidence, creativity, sense perception, mental processes, kinaesthesia, coordination, motor skills, rhythm and the ability to relate to others.

The language the classes are taught in is English (with Dutch as support if necessary). We use English children’s music, along with various multi-cultural children’s dance games. These classes are ideal for English-speaking children or non-English speaking children wanting to develop English language skills through play. Boys and girls both welcome!

Natalie Heller has a Masters Degree from Trinity Laban in Dance as a Creative Practice. She has her own contemporary dance company and teaches movement practices in Leiden and Voorschoten. She has been teaching creative movement and dance to children for over 20 years. and

Parents (and carers) are welcome to leave their children, to stay and watch, or to join in the dance! Classes limited to 12 children.

* Recent scientific studies show how both sides of the brain (right and left) must develop simultaneously during childhood. When children are engaged in creative movement they are developing their mental capacities, memory, communication skills and their ability for logical thinking

18 november 2018
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

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Natalie Heller

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Creative Dance – 3-6 jr