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About Thai Massage 

Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique, which uses compression as a means to release muscular, nervous and energetic tension. It is practiced on the floor in full clothing. The masseuse uses his/her body weight in order to help release tension and work the Zen Energy Lines. It has been likened to a fusion between reflexology, acupressure and assisted yoga stretching. 



– Facilitates deep relaxation and calms the nervous system 

– Increases muscle flexibility 

– Creates mobility in joints 

– Improves blood and lymph circulation 

– Restores body alignment and balances major muscle groups 

– Opens blockages in the musculoskeletal, respiratory, endocrine and other body systems 

– Relieves joint and muscle stiffness associated with aging 

– Increases vitality 

Thai Massage also alleviates sports injuries, lower back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, arthritis, migraines, depression, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities and pain as well as degenerative conditions. 



60 minutes (full body): 60 euros 

90-minutes (full body & target problem areas): 90 euros 


If you have taken the Thai Massage Training course with me, I offer a discount on massage sessions.  

If you would like to book a long term treatment (more than 3 sessions within 3 months) then you will also benefit from a special discount. 



5 december 2022
09:00 — 13:00 (4h)

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Thai Massage (op afspraak)