Valentine’s Thai Massage Workshop

Valentine’s Thai Massage Workshop | Natalie Heller | Practicing Somatics

Learn how to relax your partner through healing touch, compression, breath work and stretching. You will learn how to give a stimulating foot massage, a back and shoulder rub and how to release mental and emotional tension through breathing and stretching. Come with your partner to embark on a new partner experience of attentiveness to each other and healing through touch.

You are welcome to come with your partner or a friend. Get in touch if you wish to come alone and I will try to partner you up. 😉

KostenTai massage workshop Natalie Heller Het Knooppunt in Voorschoten

€120,- per couple

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17 februari 2019
14:00 — 17:00 (3h)

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Natalie Heller

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Valentine’s Thai Massage Workshop